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AC Maintenance

Optimize Performance and Comfort: Our AC Maintenance services ensure your air conditioning system operates at its best, providing efficient cooling, improved indoor air quality, and a comfortable environment through regular inspections, cleaning, and necessary repairs.

Electrical Maintenance

Reliable Electrical Maintenance Solutions: Our Electrical Maintenance services offer comprehensive inspections, troubleshooting, and repairs, ensuring the safety, efficiency, and uninterrupted performance of your electrical systems for a smooth and worry-free operation.

Electronic Contracting

Advanced Solutions for a Connected World: Our Electronic Contracting services provide expert installation, integration, and maintenance of electronic systems, delivering seamless connectivity, enhanced security, and optimized performance for your residential or commercial spaces.

Plumbing Services

Experience reliable plumbing services delivered by skilled professionals who ensure the utmost efficiency and satisfaction, leaving your plumbing worries behind.

Sanitory Contracting

Efficient Sanitary Contracting Solutions for a Hygienic and Functional Environment, tailored to your specific needs and delivered with expertise and precision.

Painting Contracting

Transforming Spaces with Excellence: Trust our Painting Contracting Services to bring vibrant colors and impeccable finishes to your residential or commercial projects, leaving a lasting impression.

Carpentry Services

Crafting Quality and Precision: Our Carpentry Services deliver skilled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, creating functional and aesthetically pleasing woodwork for your home or business.

Flooring Contracting

Elevate Your Space with Flawless Flooring: Our Flooring Contracting services provide expert installation, repair, and maintenance solutions, ensuring durable and visually appealing floors that enhance the beauty and functionality of your premises.

Insulation Contracting

Energy Efficiency Starts Here: Our Insulation Contracting services offer professional installation and upgrades, providing optimal thermal and sound insulation solutions that enhance comfort and reduce energy costs in your residential or commercial spaces.

False Cutting Contracting

Precision and Safety Combined: Our False Cutting Contracting services deliver expert craftsmanship in creating precise and secure false ceilings, partitions, and architectural elements, enhancing the aesthetics and functionality of your interior spaces.

Partitions Services

Flexible and Functional Spaces: Our Partition Services offer customizable solutions for dividing and organizing your interior spaces, creating efficient layouts that adapt to your changing needs with precision and style.

Floor Tailing

Transform Your Floors with Elegance: Our Floor Tiling services provide expert installation of high-quality tiles, combining aesthetic appeal with durability, resulting in stunning floors that enhance the beauty and functionality of your space.

Wall Tailing Contracting

Unleash Creativity on Your Walls: Our Wall Tiling Contracting services offer professional installation of exquisite tiles, allowing you to personalize your space with stunning patterns and textures that redefine the aesthetics and ambiance of your interiors.

Building Cleaning Services

Sparkling Clean Spaces: Our Building Cleaning Services provide thorough and reliable cleaning solutions, ensuring pristine and hygienic environments that create a welcoming atmosphere for occupants and visitors alike.

Remodeling Services

Transform Your Space with Excellence: Our Remodeling Services offer expert craftsmanship and innovative design solutions, bringing your vision to life and creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment tailored to your needs.

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Wahaalras is a trusted provider of comprehensive maintenance solutions, dedicated to delivering excellence and customer satisfaction. With a strong commitment to quality service and a team of skilled professionals, we strive to meet the diverse maintenance needs of our clients.


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